CEOs are perceived as experts not just in business but in their own industries. They are thought to be geniuses who create changes and innovations,and leaders who inspire and create opportunities for people. They are visionaries who work their way to the top through hardwork and talent.

To stay relevant in the business world and in the industry they belong,CEOs have to increase their presence and bring out their names out there. They have to take the role as an industry leader,saying yes to speaking engagements,attending conferences,being featured on media,and presiding industry-wide organizations. More than being top guns in their field,they have to become a thought leader.

You can help position your CEO as a thought leader. Here’s how:

Define their brand

A CEO must have a brand that is based on their unique personality,background,and vision. Are they creative geniuses? Are they from the academe? Are they passionate about innovation? It is important to identify a branding based on these factors. This makes it easier to choose the ideal thought-leadership platform to use.

Make them more human

For someone to become a leader,they have to be authentic,relatable,and approachable รข in short,as human as possible. Make your CEO as real as possible by helping them create engaging and inspiring stories based on their own experiences. According to Asia-based strategic communications consultancy Acara Strategy,the more authentic the narrative is,the better leader you create.

Have them say something new

A thought leader has to have novel ideas,with innovation at the core of their thinking. Start by choosing one or two core messages your CEO should focus on their social media post,blog,media interview,etc. The message has to be different from what other notable figures have talked about in the past. Focus on an aspect or angle that matches their thought leadership. Factor in the perspective of your CEO to make the points more organic and credible.

These are only preliminary steps in turning your CEO into a thought leader. Consult with an executive positioning agency for a more comprehensive strategy.

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Taking your CEO up the Thought Leadership Ladder